Some links you might find useful. I make no claims for the section of green bean providers at the bottom, some I've heard of, some I've not. I've never purchased from any of them.

Mozy on line backup. Mozy is magic automatic on line backup. Search for the free version using this link and you'll get 2.25Gb of free on-line automatic backup. It's not enough to back up all your music and pictures, but it will likely back up all your documents, email and accounting files plus a few of your favorite pictures. It works and it's saved my bacon a couple of times.
Home Barista If you like espresso, this is the best resource on the web.
CoffeeGeek All about coffee.
Sweet Maria's Forum The place for home roasters
Sweet Maria's Where I by my greens and accouterments. RoasterThing has a fair amount of support built in for Sweet Maria's.
DropBox Dropbox is a seriously useful application. Install it on 2 or more computers and whatever files you put in it's folder appear on the other one soon thereafter. It's simple, it's like magic and it works. Sign up for free using this link and you get 2.5GB of space and Robyn gets another .5Gb. I keep all my documents and projects in my Dropbox folder and whatever computer I pick up, there they are. And they keep a copy on their secure servers. Dropbox also lets you have a public folder so you can share things with others you give the key to. Very cool! is basically just like Dropbox, but you'll start with 15Gb instead of 2.25Gb. And it's even better than that, when you click on the confirmation email they send you after installing the application, you get another 5Gb so 20Gb right off the bat.
ExtractMoJo ExtractMoJo is likely the best thing there is to understand and improve your coffee brewing prowess. But, it's not cheap! If nothing else, go to the documentation page and read some of his documentation, especially the VST ExtractMojo V2 User Guide. It's technical and tends to boring, but the amount of information is quite impressive.
Send me a Sweet Maria's Gift Certificate Does this really need an explanation?
RoasterThing on Linux? Somebody has figured out how to run RoasterThing under Wine on Linux, if this is interesting to you, he documented it here.
Behmor makes the Behmor 1600 coffee roaster.
FreshBeans Information about the Gene Cafe coffee roaster.

Dayseal Replacement vacuum coffee brewer seals. Sadly, the first person I know of who tried to buy one of these had to modify it to make it work, but in the end it worked perfect. So I will leave this here but with the suggestion that you do some research before spending the $25.

HotTop USA imports the HotTop coffee roaster.
Coffee Shrub Sells the Quest M3 coffee roaster. Sells green coffee in medium quantities. A vendor targeting home coffee roasters. Some support in RoasterThing.
Burman Coffee Traders A vendor targeting home coffee roasters.
The Coffee project A vendor targeting home coffee roasters.
MoreCoffee A vendor targeting home coffee roasters.
Coffee Bean Corral A vendor targeting home coffee roasters.