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The Utilities Menu lets you do things to maintain RoasterThing's database and control how RoasterThing works.

The most important option on the Utilities menu is Preferences. It's important or at least very highly recommended that you go through here and look at every page. If nothing else, please check over the colors page as my default color choices are at best not very good.

The last choice is Notes, a place for you to keep program wide notes. I've no idea what you might use it for, but someone asked and it was very easy to implement so there it is.

The rest of the choices I'll cover in the more detailed sections.

Except for one warning, Utilities=>Database=>Dangerous Stuff=>Zero Inventory, really is dangerous. Do that and everything is gone and can't be gotten back. I've made it hard to do this as it won't even be there until you enable Dangerous Stuff in Preferences, something I'd recommend you don't do! And even then, Dangerous Stuff will be disabled next time you start the program.