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The Sweet Maria's menu give you access to many of the most useful sections of the Sweet Maria's website. The Roast Chart and Taste Wheel will be most useful to beginning roasters as you try to figure out what it all means. The New Coffee Listings brings up the list of the most recent coffees added to their web site and allows going directly to each coffee's entry on the Sweet maria's web site along with automatically adding a Sweet Maria's coffee to your inventory . Here's the list of New Sweet Maria's and Roastmasters coffees from the Morning of August 7, 2011. You may press Get More Notes on the Sweet Maria's coffees to see all of Tom's notes, otherwise the notes box only contains a sentence or two. If you want to see more, File->GoTo will take you right to the Sweet Maria's or Roastmasters web page for this coffee.

And here's what happened when you choose File=>Add on a Sweet Marias coffee. Almost everything is automatically filled out. This is the same result you get it you choose Add SM Coffee from the Coffee Detail page.

And if you've added a Sweet Maria's coffee one of those ways, when you want more you can just click the Get More Now button that appears when RoasterThing know the SM product number. Sadly if they've run out the button will still be there and you'll be disappointed but at least it will take a lot less time to find out they're out.