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Here you can choose the sounds that RoasterThing makes to warn you of impending doom. If you want, RoasterThing will start making noise 1 minute before the countdown timer reaches zero and when the count up time has reached the preheat warning time during a preheat. The Play button lets you hear what the chosen sounds sound like. One of the users suggested adding sound and while they are quite annoying when you don't need them, the one that comes on at the end of preheat has saved me more than once.

Segment ends has 2 functions, if you're roasting with user defined profiles it will sound before the end of each segment. Or if you have a Behmor Plus and check the Plus box in Tables->Roasters it will sound just before the 30 second ERR7 countdown starts. It does depend on the Roaster and RT having the same starting time. I got that wrong once and the sound went off just as the timer hit "2", not enough time for me to get to the Start button before the ERR7 popped up.