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The Coffee menu contains choices for viewing your coffee inventory, viewing your roast history, adding a coffee and mass cupping.

It should be pretty clear what the first three do so I won't spend any time here except to say, you may also add a coffee from the Coffee Inventory and Coffee Detail pages and if you're adding a coffee you purchased from Sweet Maria's, make sure to choose the File=>Add SM Coffee option from the add new coffee box. Then you'll need to put in the Sweet Maria's SKU which looks something like 3470. It's on your invoice or you can get it by looking at the links on the SM web page for buying a pound of that coffee. When I hover over the "Buy 2 Lbs" button and look at the status bar of my browser I see something like: sweetmarias . com / add_to_cart_script . php ? sku = 3558-2 . The number you want is the piece at the end, in this case 3558 without the -2 which is the number of pounds to add to your cart. Given that number and an internet connection, RoasterThing will visit SweetMaria's and fill in all the information on the page automatically. Also, if you've added the coffee this way and want to buy more, RoasterThing will save the SKU and you can go right to the correct Sweet Maria's web page by clicking the "Get More Now" button on the coffee detail page. Well, it will assuming they still have some to sell.

If you buy coffee from someone else and wonder why I've only been nice to Sweet Maria's, it's because I buy all my coffee there and Josh was kind enough to give me access to the tools I needed to do this. It's also because the other vendors I've asked won't return my calls. If you can convince your coffee vendor to help me, I'll do the same or better for anyone else.

Well, recently Roastmasters decided to help me a bit so I now also show their new additions. The implementation they provided me is not as complete, so you can't add a Roastmasters coffee automatically and "Get More Notes does not work for them either, but it's a start. Yippie!

Thought it now seems that Roastmasters stopped updating the list I used in January 2014 so if you buy from Roastmasters you might send them a note and ask them to keep the list updated.